CLOTHING MANUFACTURER IN TURKEY – Turkey Clothing Manufacturer

There are a lot of different clothings manufactured by garment manufacturers in Turkey . The garments can be manufactured from knitted or woven fabrics which could be 100% cotton or cotton with elastane. These garments can be made from sustainable or recycled fabrics.

    Turkey is pioneering sustainablea nd recycle clothes in the world. Turkey clothing factories are using different materils to manufacturer the garments. The garment production starts with cutting of the fabrics. After that the garments are carefully stitched by using different stitching machines. The next step is either washing of the garment or packing of the garments. The packing section is the last step of the garment production. The garments are carefully cleaned, ironed and packed. Defective ones are not packed. Best clothing manufacturers are located in Turkey .

    They pay very high attention to make the garments in high quality.Turkey is also a big market or wholesale textile . There are different big markets for wholesale of clothings.

    Turkey clothing factories are run according to labour law which is strictly applied , it is not allowed to use child labour in clothing and textile factories. The age of the workers should be at least 18 years old.

    However the students can work only two days if they are over 16 years. Garment factories in Turkey are located mostly in Istanbul and in the cities where the cotton is harvested in big quantities.
    Cotton fields of Turkey are mostly existing in the South part of the country. Turkey is one of the biggest cotton manufacturer in the world. Turkey clothing manufacturers are manufacturing clothes for other brands and manufacturing making private label clothes production.Sustainable clothing brands are also producing in Turkey for production of their garments.

    Turkey clothing factories are exporting the goods to worldwide but mostly to Europe, Middle East countries, Usa and other countries. Turkey is increasing its capasity to make sustainable private label clothings for all customers from different countries. Denim jeans, hoodies,sweaters ,sweatshirts , underwears are some of the garments which are exported in huge volumes.